从被动的Do it yourself 到主动的Play it yourself,我们认为,当家具变成玩具,家才充满意义。


拾起传统手艺,拥抱自然材料,挖掘它们被忽略的美好,是我们的价值观。 极少主义是一个积极的挑战,我们在让设计变得精练的同时,也在努力减轻森林的负担,大气层的负担和你的负担。




PIY is an innovative and inspiring unique flat-packed furniture brand.


From the passive Do it yourself to the active Play it yourself, we believe that when the moment furniture become ‘toyniture' comes, the meaning of home starts to shine.


We are committed to retrieving the traditional handcrafting technique to meet the natural material, therefore bring their hidden beauty to life. We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact by creating sustainable smart and timeless pieces.


We are committed to producing high-quality design works that everyone can afford.



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