厌倦了林立高楼,厌倦了程式化的生活周遭,胡同长长短短、宽宽窄窄,兜兜转转来到四合院,飞檐斗拱,钩心斗角,翘望了三代又三代,踏进门,会有新鲜的木香,它们统统来自厌式房间,有一些新面孔,有一些是老朋友,正襟危坐,一丝不苟。你拿出你18世纪的老烟斗,准备点一袋昨天刚烘干研碎的上等烟叶,以应此情此景,盈盈如梦…… “嘿!不许吸烟!”


Tired of tall buildings, tired of stylized life around. Passing through long or short, wide or narrow Hutong, walk around to Siheyuan. Cornices brackets, layered overhanging eaves, to which looking up by generations and generations. Stepping into the door, there will be fresh smell of the wood. All of them come from IIINSITU Studio. Some of them are new faces, some of them are old friends. Sitting solemnly, and meticulously. You take out your old pipe of the 18th century, prepare to light up a bag of fine tobacco that has just been dried and ground yesterday for such a moment, and it is just like in a dream. "Hey! No smoking!"